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Park Safety

Safety is our No1 Priority and we take your care very seriously.

We have an exemplary safety record which we strive to maintain. Please familiarise yourself with our Park Safety advice.

Everyone participating in our Activities must watch the safety video and understand the safety rules that apply. This is for your own safety and will ensure that you all have the best possible time on the park. The safety video is included on your consent forms but can also be watched using the following link:

We have the following accreditations:

BWSW (British Water Ski and Wakeboard)

The BWSW Accreditation Scheme has been specifically designed for commercial Water Ski and Wakeboard operators. The scheme is reviewed annually by BWSW and a number of accredited sites to ensure that this quality assurance programme is fit for purpose and adds value to their business.

Being an 'Accredited Site' gives a 'kitemark' to show that they meet the minimum standard of operation recommended by BWSW. The scheme will look at the following areas of operation;
Insurance, Safeguarding and Equality, Facility Standards, Customer Service, Staffing and Operating Standards and Procedures


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